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    Hi All, Thanks for the great introduction, Sarah. Like Courtney, I'm so excited to get to work with ...

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    I am happy to begin working with Kelli, everyone at APhA and in the Medical Home/ACE SIG.  This is an ...

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  • The codes you have selected are an acceptable way to bill for your services.  As for the "double dipping" ...

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Dr. Erin Pauling, PharmD, has actively worked with the Diabetes Management SIG for several years. She brings awareness to pharmacists and student pharmacists,  working in a variety of settings to serve patients with diabetes through the quarterly member features. Pauling shares her practice and what she gains by serving the Diabetes Management SIG. 

>>> Read the interview with Dr. Erin Pauling!

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  • Drug Approval of Interest: Abilify MyCite

    FDA approved Monday a drug with a digital ingestion tracking system. The product, aripiprazole tablets with sensor (Abilify MyCite—Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Proteus Digital Health), features an ingestible sensor embedded in the drug that records that the medication was taken. "Being able to track ingestion of medications prescribed for mental illness may ... more

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